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First things first...

We are debt settlement experts, but we know this is all new to you!

We want you to feel confident and informed, so we’ve handpicked a few important things you should know about your program.

We have resolved more than $1 Billion of debt and helped over 200,000 people just like you!

The two most important things you need to know...

#1 You have to make your monthly program deposits to keep your program on track.

#2 It takes time for us to work with your creditors to negotiate settlements for you.

#1 You have to make your monthly program deposits to keep your program on track.

Your monthly deposit:

  • Replaces direct payments to creditors
  • Is used as leverage during our negotiations with your creditors
  • Builds up fund in your Dedicated Account

This allows us to explain to creditors that agreeing to a settlement is the only way they will receive payment from you for your enrolled debt.

#2 It takes time for us to work with your creditors to negotiate settlements for you.

Over the next several months you must:

  • Stop making direct payments to creditors
  • Make on-time monthly deposits to build up funds in your Dedicated Account

Combined, these steps ensure that creditors will be open to negotiating with us to reach a settlement.

Here’s why it’s important to stop paying creditors directly:

Delaying payment to creditors encourages them to negotiate with us. It shows them that you are serious about reaching a settlement and we use it as leverage to get you a settlement.

Here’s how long it typically takes to get a first settlement:

The amount of time varies. Many clients get their first settlement after making 3 to 6 months of program deposits.

As these funds grow, it gives us negotiating power and helps us achieve settlements with your creditors.

We know the feeling of waiting can be stressful, but you are not alone!

Check out proven results from a real client just like you, or continue to the next slide.

Lila C. had their debt reduced by 53%

"I’m so grateful and relieved to know I’m in good hands with Beyond Finance! They have already resolved 5 accounts in only 5 months! I’m feeling hopeful and looking forward to a clean start."

Enrolled Debt: $48,775.67

Settlement: $22,947.02

Savings: $25,828.65*

*This example does not include program fees. This is one example of a prior program result and is not representative of results in all cases. Results may vary and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to settle.

Let’s talk through what to expect when you make your monthly program deposits and stop paying creditors directly...

Creditor calls increase:

Creditors will notice your change in payment and contact you frequently and try to convince you to resume payment.

Don’t worry, this is normal and there is good news ahead...

The good news is:

  • You don’t have an obligation to talk with your creditors.
  • As we reach settlements, these creditor calls will stop!

If you do answer a creditor call you can simply say:

"I’m addressing this through a settlement company and I cannot pay at this time. Please contact Beyond Finance at (619) 333-2200."

Here are two ways to reduce creditor calls and emails:

  1. Mark emails as spam
  2. Silence or block unknown phone numbers

Would you like more information on how to silence or block unknown numbers?

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How to silence unknown numbers on iPhone:

  • Open "Settings"
  • Scroll down and tap "Phone"
  • Tap on "Silence Unknown Callers" and toggle it to "On."

How to block unknown number on Android:

  • Go to your recent call list, tap the 3 vertical dots, then “Settings”
  • Tap “Block Numbers”
  • Toggle the “Unknown/Private Numbers” section to “On”

This will silence calls from all numbers not saved in your phone, including from creditors who sometimes try to call from several different numbers.

Make sure you save our phone number so our calls come through!

Beyond Finance: 855-955-5720

Want to know more? Check out these FAQs or continue to the next slide.

How long will it take to graduate and resolve all my enrolled debts?

Programs vary depending on your unique financial situation. The average debt resolution program lasts 12 to 48 months.

Can I speed up my program and get settlements faster?

Yes! You can speed up your progress by increasing your monthly deposit amount or by making one-time, extra deposits.

What happens if I miss a deposit?

Missing deposits will slow your progress and it will take longer to get a settlement. Please contact us if you are unable to make a scheduled deposit.

What is a Dedicated Account?

This is an FDIC insured account in your name that we helped you open and you own and control. Monthly deposits go here (instead of directly to creditors) and are used to pay for settlements once an agreement is reached.

Do you still have automatic payments set up with your creditors?

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Warning: continuing to pay creditors directly will limit our ability to effectively negotiate a settlement for you.

Ok, here are two ways to turn off automatic payments:

  1. Turn off payments online in the payments section of your creditor’s account.

  2. Call your creditors and tell them to turn off automatic payments.

Warning: continuing to pay creditors directly will limit our ability to effectively negotiate a settlement for you.

Excellent, now let’s introduce you to our Client Dashboard, accessible in our Mobile App!

  • Easy-to-use
  • 24/7 access to your program
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Available for Android and iOS

Regularly logging in will help you:

  • Monitor your enrolled accounts
  • See settlement timeline estimates
  • Approve settlements
  • Find answers to FAQs

We recommend checking your Client Dashboard often, or whenever you get a notification about your account.

Follow the links at the end this presentation to create your account.

Alright, we’re almost done :)

Before you go, we want to tell you about an exclusive loan program.

If approved, you could pay off all of your debt in as little as 30-90 days!

To become eligible, make at least 6 months of consecutive, on-time program deposits.

Let’s make sure you know it’s us when we call you!

Add us to your contacts!

Text ‘contact’ to 619-762-1700

Our contact info will be sent to your phone.

Great job! We’ve covered a lot here.

If you have questions or want to explore your program further there are a few ways to reach out.

Mobile App:

Message us: 24/7 Live Chat

Text us: 800-282-7186

Call us: 855-955-5720

Congratulations! Your onboarding is complete, and we’re excited to help you move beyond debt!

Thank you and have a great day :)